Lakehead Public Schools commits to the adoption of an Indigenous Education Framework that fully commits to the spirit of Royal Commission on Aboriginal Peoples and the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada, which seeks to:

  • empower acts of reconciliation throughout all spheres of Canadian society,
  • address the ongoing impact of colonialism on Indigenous Communities,
  • engage the oppression and marginalization of Indigenous communities in Canadian society, and;
  • provide culturally competent pedagogies in all aspects of education in Canada.

This Framework prioritizes the incorporation of Indigenous education throughout Lakehead Public Schools and is embodied throughout all facets of the Strategic Plan. It commits to a spirit of reconciliation, a journey requiring constant focus, energy, and commitment to collectivity and inclusion while confronting the historical and present marginalization of Indigenous peoples.

Lakehead Public Schools therefore believes that for reconciliation to be possible, Indigenous and non-Indigenous relationships must be guided by the following principles:

Tree Chart